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Serving Smiles

SINCE 1976

A Michigan Original!

Frosty Products is a frozen dessert provider to distributors and stores with a wide variety of foodservice capabilities. From a small mom & pop shop to theme parks and department stores, we can bring something to your business that customers will love. Our line of trademarked products has a little something for every need and is marketable to people with varying needs. We provide consultation and expert advice where we mix our vast knowledge of the industry with innovative ideas that result in more sales and more happy faces!

Frosty Products got its start at Alfred’s, located at Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. Alfred’s was the first to offer soft-serve frozen yogurt in Michigan, which, at the time was referred to as “Frosty Yogurt.” In 1976, as its popularity grew, so did the company. The brand was changed to “Frostyogurt®”, and the newly-opened store, at the Oakland Mall in Troy, Michigan, was the first to be branded with the new Frostyogurt® name. Later that year, Frosty Products had a unique opportunity and was able to obtain the rights to the recipe for an award winning custard originally from the 1930's. By the end of 1976, the model was expanded and a new store named “Harry’s” was created. Harry’s, featuring Frostyogurt® and the newly added Classic Custard®, was a big hit!

Determined to ride the success of our beloved new products, the popularity of Frostyogurt® and Classic Custard® helped Harry’s grow to 13 locations in 3 states during the 1980's. With the growing demand for the products, Frostyogurt® and Classic Custard® was made available through food service distributors and dairy product suppliers to other food service operations throughout the Midwest.

In the 1990's, Frosty Products grew and expanded to be featured in many locations across the United States, including major department stores, restaurants, mom & pop ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, and theme parks. Frosty Products became a dominant figure in the frozen dessert industry.

Now, Frosty Products continues to grow its product line and create unique and modern sweet offerings. From being the frozen custard of choice for much long-standing seasonal custards stands to be offered at the first (and many more) self-serve stores in Michigan, Frosty Products has cemented itself as the go-to brand for frozen treats. They now offer vegan and organic soft serve options that add a new and delicious twist to its beloved classic desserts. More than 40 years have passed since Frosty Products served its first frozen treat, but their momentum has never stopped. Frosty Products continues to create new items and stay on the forefront of industry trends and modern creations, bringing delicious, decadent treats to many happy customers throughout the Midwest.


Our Mission

As an industry leader, we don’t follow the rest of the pack. From being one of the first frozen yogurt providers in the country to our current array of modern selections, Frosty Products is known as a pillar in the industry, continually innovating to bring the best frozen desserts to its expanding customer base. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves by being experts in the field, creating new products, and being home to the best products and service in the industry.

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